A truly unique style of architecture incorporating immense natural stone, towering walls of glass, chocolate slate from a singular mine, reached only once every 17 months and exposed steel, all framed by enormous 120-year old, reclaimed wooden beams with the entire structure firmly planted within an expansive kitchen garden.

Striking, modern and contemporary design is greatly enhanced by the exceptional location. With more than 7,000 m2 of common area for just seventeen rooms, the intimate and inviting resort gently harmonizes with the natural beauty of the forested surroundings where guests enjoy genuine silence within the 1km, non-motorized vehicle zone.

The centrepiece of the property contains the Restaurant, Lounge, Library Living Spaces as well as the 900+ m2 Spa and 6 unique suites. In addition, gently scattered around the lush hillside are the 11 individual villas which each contain elaborate private gardens measuring up to 600m2.