think tanks

A location that is both exclusive and inspiring, with landscapes in rarefied mountain air bringing peace and tranquility, providing the necessary and ideal conditions for development of the most modern and innovative Think Tank model in the country.

Designed for highly selective groups of only 15 guests per encounter, with content considered to be far from trivial, concentrating solely on basic, future and structural reflection issues. Without the participation of speakers, with no panels, counting only on the pure air of unrestricted debate and, when suitable, experienced Brazilian and international facilitators and mediators.

During the encounters of each group, the overall objective is that of collective construction of enriching, intense and profound learning. The interaction of true peers, through appropriate selection of participants who experience very similar day-to-day realities, makes it possible for the group to obtain a whole result that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

These encounters are generally held over a two-day period, with the hotel closed for the group. People arrive at the end of Wednesday afternoon and the encounter ends at the end of Friday afternoon.

Botanique Think Tanks, with its own structure as an Institute, is non-profit making, as are its events. With no sponsors or profit margin, there are no economic interests involved – participants only pay the cost of accommodation.